Caudalie Luxury Skincare by Ravissanics

Specialty Facials   

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Premier Cru Luxury Anti Aging Treatment                                                                        $245

Featuring the bestselling Premier Cru collection by Caudalie, this all natural treatment is 100% safe for sensitive skin to target all signs of stress and aging. Enjoy a dramatic improvement in elasticity, fullness, and radiance that is possible with this patented technology. This luxury skincare system is combined with our Radiofrequency (RF) technology to create the most effective 100% natural age reversing treatment on the market.


1. Dramatically reduces fine lines in as little as 7 days

2. Supports and enhances the production of collagen for fuller, healthier skin

3. Enhances elasticity in the skin, lessening the appearance of wrinkles without chemicals or injections

4. Zero risk of chemical irritation thanks to all natural formulation

Vinopure Advanced Acne Specialty Treatment                                                       $125

Vinopure by Caudalie is all natural, perfect for delicate and irritated skin. This specialty treatments targets excessive oil and sebum in acne-prone skin. Expect a significant improvement in the texture, redness, and irritation in the skin. Specialized serums and clarifying toners will work to gently and effectively eliminate acne and blackheads.


1. Eliminates blackheads, blemishes, and pore-clogging dirt naturally, using no harsh chemicals or invasive devices

2. Gentle exfoliation for sensitive skin will eliminate texture, resulting in baby soft skin

3. Deep, thorough cleansing will encourage healthier and stronger skin by eliminating excessive oil trapped in pores

Vinoperfect Radiance LED Specialty Treatment                                                             $175

This treatment uses the Vinoperfect collection to enhance the texture of the skin to create a glowing complexion. Combined with LED technology, the Vinoperfect collection works to dramatically enhance the softness and firmness of the skin while reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, as well as reversing damage and scarring. Clients will notice a major improvement in brightness, reduction in texture, and fading of scarring in both texture and pigmentation.           


1. Glowing, consistently dewy complexion after targeting dark spots and eliminating excessive texture, while supplementing moisture

2. Gentle natural ingredients paired with LED light therapy supports firm, elastic, and plush skin texture         

3. LED light therapy and glycolic acid serum will work together to fade dark spots and scarring