Signature Lashes by Ravissanics

Our eyelash extension service is fully customizable and will flatter every unique eye shape and individual preference. 
Please note: Because eyelashes naturally shed and replenish every two weeks, eyelash extensions may last for approximately two weeks before needing a retouch appointment. Retouch appointments made after two weeks may be subject to an additional charge.
Eyelash Extensions Full Set
Two Week Fill 
NEW! Volume Mix Dramatic Full Set
NEW! Volume Mix Dramatic Two Week Fill
NEW! Japanese Mink Full Set
NEW! Japanese Mink Two Week Fill
NEW! Russian 3D Volume Mink Full Set
NEW! Russian 3D Volume Mink Two Week Fill

Add On’s:

Add on services must be combined with a full set of extensions and cannot be purchased individually.

NEW! Glitter Fantasy Lash $30

Perfect for holiday parties and seasonal events. Add glitter accent lashes to give extensions an extra festive flair. Choose from a variety of statement colors.

Mink Luxury Lash $25 & Up

Pillow-soft luxurious Japanese mink lashes can be used alone, or mixed with silk, volume, and/or fantasy color lash extensions. Mink lashes are recommended for clients with sparse lashes or clients that prefer additional volume for a bolder look.

Brown & Black Mixed Mink Lash $30 

Ideal for clients with blonde or red hair for a beautifully soft yet full lashline. Brown lashes can be used alone or blended in with black lashes to create a highly customized natural look.

Multi-Colored Fantasy Lash $30 

Colorful rainbow toned lashes add a bright pop for a bold appearance. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

Lower Lashline $60 & Up

Please ask for pricing for lower lashline extensions. Please note: Lower lashline extensions are recommended for special occasions, rather than everyday wear. Lower lashline extensions may last up to one and a half weeks and will shed much quicker than extensions on the upper lashline.