Ravissanics Beauty Spa offers a highly specialized Microblading service.

Our unique microblading technique is unrivaled in safety, beauty, and comfort. Our technique involves no bleeding, which means there will be no chance of scarring and no recovery time needed. Our gentle and precise technique leads to the most natural looking results. Clients may attend work and social events as early as one hour after the procedure is complete.


One Microblading Session ($499 value)

One Microblading Touch Up Session ($499 value)

One Microblading Session + One Touch Up Session ($998 value)





We highly recommend scheduling a Touch Up appointment, as this is the best way to ensure long lasting results and an even distribution of pigment across the skin. Some skin types are more ideal for retaining pigment, while others may encounter difficulty retaining pigment evenly. All clients will enjoy significantly longer lasting results with the addition of a Touch Up session.


Results are captured in the photos below immediately after the procedure is complete. Notice there is minimal to no redness and absolutely no bleeding in clients of various skin types.