Kolee Essence

Kolee Essence

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Key Ingredient: Marine collagen.

Marine collagen has the ability to diminish wrinkles through a maintenance program of skin hydration; stimulates skins own collagen building to give your skin more plumpness and elasticity.

Processed with techniques that comply with the strict provisions of the EU cosmetics industry, Hydrolyzed Collagen from a deep sea fish found only off the coast of France give Kolee Essence the ability to maintain the moisture balance of your skin for long periods of time. It provides your complexion with all 8 of the essential amino acids that it needs to remain youthful and glowing.   This Kolee Essence can effectively minimize pores, improve skin elasticity, and has the effect of reducing fine lines and delaying skin aging. Medical research has even shown that this, hydrolyzed collagen can accelerate the healing of wounds and promote the repair and regeneration of the dermal layer.

Peptan® MR (Peptan-B 5000 HD from Rousselot Inc France) is a natural biopolymer with film-forming properties which maintains the moisture balance of the skin and supplies skin with important amino-acids.

Dispense 2-3 drops of product onto the fingertip and spread over the  face  twice a  day  morning  and  night.  This  product  can  be  used  after  normalizer  or  be  mixed  with  lotion and cream for daily use. If you have sensitive skin, use this product on every other day for one to two weeks. After that, it can be used daily.