Nuborne Essence
Nuborne Essence

Nuborne Essence

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Key Ingredient: Hyaluronic acid.
Hyaluronic acid has always had the reputation of being a "fountain of youth". It naturally occurs deep within your skin, but as you age the body’s production slowly dwindles. By regularly supplementing your bodies natural Hyaluronic acid supply with Nubourne Essence you can delay and even reverse many of the effects that ageing has on your skin. 
Namely, you can:
•    Improves your skins moisture levels by up to 500 times
•    Promote the regeneration of damaged skin cells
•    Enhance your skins smoothness and elasticity
Dispense 2-3 drops of product onto the fingertip and spread over the face twice a day morning and night. This product can be used after normalizer or be mixed with lotion and cream for daily use. If you have sensitive skin, use this product on every other day for one to two weeks. After that, it can be used daily.