Sheer Essence

Sheer Essence

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Key Ingredients: Licorice extract, Aloe vera, Thyme extract, and Willow bark extract.
Sheer Essences has the effect of diminishing inflammation, relieving acne, helping to fade and smooth the scars caused by dermatitis. Its key active ingredients include aloe and licorice extracts to help diminish inflammation, Hyaluronic Acid to preserve moisture and lock it in and Salicylic Acid the most common ingredients prescribed to help clean pores and relieve acne.

Thyme enhances the immune system's ability to eliminate various bacterial, viral and fungal infections, and, diluted in water, is effective for infected gums and as an anti-septic wash for cuts, wounds and Athlete's Foot.

Willow Bark Extract also known as European white willow and salicin willow is made from the bark of the willow plant. Willow bark extract has been shown to have soothing properties on irritated skin and works as an astringent, mild cleanser and toner. It also moisturizes the skin.

Dispense 2-3 drops of product onto the fingertip and spread over the face twice a day morning and night. This product can be used after normalizer or be mixed with lotion and cream for daily use. If you have sensitive skin, use this product on every other day for one to two weeks. After that, it can be used daily.