Body Slim by Ravissanics

Body Slim Session $199/60 min per area

This 60 minute liposuction alternative works to dissolve fat and celluite. This process will boost the metabolism, which helps the body process nutrients more efficiently and purge toxins. This non-invasive process can treat the entire body with no wounds and zero recovery time. Targeted areas will be measured during each session to track treatment progress.

Body Slim Target Areas:


Inner Thighs

Outer Thighs





Body Slim Complete Package $1000/10 Sessions

Enjoy a complete transformative Body Slim regimen with 10 sessions at an exclusive discounted price. Please note: to ensure efficiency of this treatment, Body Slim sessions cannot be shared or transferred.

Body Slim results are most noticable with a balanced diet and regular exercise to target stubborn areas that are difficult to remove with healthy habits alone. Body Slim is not designed as an alternative to healthy diet or exercise habits.