Hydrabio Gel-Cream
Hydrabio Gel-Cream
Hydrabio Gel-Cream

Hydrabio Gel-Cream

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1.33 0z/ 40ml

Hydrabio Gel Cream owes lots of its benefits to the Aquagenium® patent, which trains skin to hydrate again, and to retain its natural moisture.

A smooth skincare for radiant, hydrated skin

Skin types: Dehydrated sensitive skin

Skin concerns: Lack of radiance

- Paraben-free

- Non-comedogenic

- Hypoallergenic 

- Excellent Makeup Primer

How to Use: 

Hydrabio Gel-Cream can be used once or twice a day, seven days a week. Start by cleansing your face and neck with one of the cleansers from our Hydrabio line. Apply Hydrabio Tonic Lotion or Hydrabio Serum if needed, then apply Hydrabio Gel-Cream. When used as a night cream, Hydrabio Cream can be combined with Hydrabio Gel-Cream of the latter is used as a day treatment.

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